Our vision

Today, publishing and distributing new literary work is constrained by issues of product standardisation and maximising revenues.

As a result, anything which is a little off the beaten track of mass production has little chance of being published - and consequently, of being read by anyone other than family and friends.

We don´t think any author should be resigned to this fate! We´re convinced that out there among all those manuscripts lying in drawers, there´s some pure gold!

The internet has provided a means of publishing and circulating original texts - digitally. The arrival of simple, practical e-book readers has opened the way for tremendous change in digital writing and reading.

www.UPblisher.com was born out of the desire to see texts published and give their authors a helping hand. Why not come and join us?

Together, we can explore and appreciate these hitherto unpublished works.

Together, we can offer their authors the chance to emerge.

Together, we can help to create a Community of digital authors and readers.