Author's contract

Under your author's contract, protects your rights and gives you fair compensation.

You sign a digital publication and distribution master agreement for all your works online

  • your contract establishes you as the author of your published works
  • the contract is concluded for three years renewable
  • you receive royalties of 25% of the price of your e-book
  • in addition to your royalties, we award a recognition bonus
  • royalties are paid every six months

Establishing your contract

Ask for a contract at, then:

  • complete article 2 on the first page with your first name, surname, date of birth, profession, status and address
  • specify whether you wish to publish under a pseudonym or alias
  • print out two copies
  • initial each page and sign and date the last page
  • send one copy of the contract to Vasca, 11bis, rue de Moscou 75008 Paris - France

And that's all there is to the legal paperwork!

The recognition bonus is calculated on the basis of your readership numbers and the marks awarded to your online works.