How to read an ebook excerpt on

PDF or ePub, you choose your format depending on your reading device:

Format Equipment
PDF PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPhone, e-reader or any other reading device tablet
ePub (doing nothing) Mac, iPad, iPhone
ePub (reader to be installed) PC, e-reader or any other reading tablet

More details about ePub:

Most computers read PDF by default. If your computer cannot do it, install the software for free from

More details about ePub

  • It is the most comfortable format to read ebooks: it allows links, zoom and notes.
  • You read on a Mac, an iPad or an iPhone, this format is set by default, so you can enjoy iBooks functionalities!
  • You read on a PC or a reading device from Sony, Cybook, Nook, etc. the reader software is generally not set by default. If you’d like to enjoy reading ePub-format ebooks, install it for free in a few mouseclicks from

You can download all ebooks samples you can read on

You can save an excerpt on your computer hard disk and synchronise it on a reader or a smartphone. However you cannot replicate it for business purposes.