Our approach

We want to use the internet for what it does best: publishing and distributing content with no limits in time and space, creating a Community of digital authors and readers.

www.UPblisher.com offers solutions in line with new consumer habits.

Authors! you can now

  • publish as you wish - digitally
  • find readers in all sorts of places - and in no time
  • make sure your work is available long-term (and never out of stock!)
  • protect your intellectual property rights
  • get your royalties faster
  • make direct contact with your readers
  • update your text to its latest version much more quickly
  • benefit from direct access to traffic statistics and marks awarded by your readers

Readers can now

  • have access to both English and international catalogues, whenever they wish and wherever they are
  • read original works
  • choose their favourite reading language(s)
  • organise their digital library
  • comment on texts and award marks
  • make contact directly with their favourite authors
  • download one work or subscribe to have access to a set number of works

Authors! With www.UPblisher.com, you can publish and distribute your original works as you wish. Make them available to the best-qualified panel: your readers!

Together, let´s bring literary creativity into the twenty-first century!