Our values

Making literary creativity available to all, and sharing it over the internet.

  • We believe that writing a book is a personal endeavour which is worthy of respect
  • We undertake to respect your creativity

                So it´s over to you to dream up your story...
                    over to you to write your books...
                        and up to us to publish them!

  • We believe every talent has a right to be expressed, so we´re offering you a way to get your work published and reveal your talent to the world!
  • We´re proud to be able to offer you an inter-cultural and international discussion space. Let´s break down the borders between nations and mindsets!
  • We´re convinced you´re capable of reading a book or commenting on a work without being spoon-fed by publishers and professional critics.
  • We´re doing all we can to provide you with simple, powerful, constantly updated tools to enable you to indulge your passion for reading or writing.

Whether you´re an author or a reader, we make sure your words carry weight!