What is e-reading (a.k.a digital reading)?

E-reading novels, short stories, plays and comic albums is a simple, practical way of discovering new works and new authors - and making an active contribution to their success. It's a whole new way of reading!

What is a book, really? Printed pages and a cover - or content, the product of an author's imagination and knowledge? We're all aware that the pleasure and interest of reading is about much more than the physical book itself.

Digital books (or e-books) provide all the words and images, along with enriched content; they can go anywhere with you and are available any time. We all tend to go away on holiday with piles of books... ...and then end up reading a whole load of others we find when we arrive! To make matters worse, we discover we've left the one we wanted to finish back home on the bedside table!

Whether you're at home or on the road, your digital library can be accessed directly from a computer, smartphone or tablet. This portable library allows you to choose and read any book, make notes, and switch to another whenever you like. This degree of flexibility on the move makes it an ideal complement to traditional reading.

E-reading: what you want, when you want it

The big advantage of e-reading is that it's flexible and multi-purpose

  • choose your device: PC, Mac smartphone, tablet...any of these are fine!
  • to get e-reading, you generally have a choice between
    •  downloading works one by one
    • subscribing to streaming e-reading
  • most file formats allow you to adjust the reading format to your device

Another advantage of e-reading is that it's interactive:

  •     you can let others know what you're reading: tell your family and friends about your favourites - all it takes is a couple of mouseclicks!
  •     award marks and post comments on the works you've read
  •     engage in discussion with your favourite authors and other readers
Become an e-reader : your choice counts!

www.UPblisher.com makes e-reading a new experience which will attract enthusiasts, amateurs and many others who are put off by the concept of traditional books.